The research project aims at developing cross-communal communication links and provides a common platform for important elements of oral and written traditions of the (three) main communities coexisting in Thrace (as defined by their corresponding linguistic features). The research focuses on the common acoustic aspects of the traditions and will allow cross-cultural aural presentation, reference and access to important artifacts of the corresponding communities as manifested by their traditions in songs, lullabies, fairy tales and ceremonial chants, anecdotes, food recipes etc. As a consequence of the specific project, significant cultural elements of these different linguistic traditions are expected to become easily accessible and hence directly communicated, improving the understanding among these communities and thus ultimately social cohesion. Sustainable results and benefits of the project could be a result of the open-source approach exploited in the implementation of the technological tools and interfaces along with the open-access to the material mainly aimed to be used as an intercultural reference in education.